My Awesome Individual Learning Endeavor

I have learned a lot about Genius Hour in this last week, and during this learning process, I have been forming an ILE project of my own. On the first day of learning, I came across two different article that very thoroughly explain what genius hour is. The first article, The Research Behind Genius Hour and Choice in the Classroom, written by AJ Juliani, talks about Genius Hour through a teacher’s perspective and how that teacher thinks Genius Hour is effective to a child’s learning. The second article, What is Genius Hour?, written by Teach Thought Staff, talks more as a how-to in the sense that it is written more like telling someone how to do Genius Hour with their students than just talking about their experiences. Both articles are similar, however, as they both stress the importance of Genius Hour and describe it to its full potential.


On day two of my research, I found an awesome video about Genius Hour with high school students. This video is titled Genius Hour at Cadillac High School and is posted by CENTLC. I particularly liked this video because it showed a handful of students with their own project and these students talked about how these projects help their communities. I found this video especially helpful to me because I can relate to these students both age wise and our learning experiences seemed to be at the same level.


On day three of this project, I found a video entitled 3 incredible ideas and Simple Homemade invention by Yuri Ostr about new innovations and inventions. I liked the video I found because it allowed me to look at the ideas that other people have come up with, and that helps me because it gets my brain to start thinking like them and get my creative juices flowing.


My ILE brainstorming process at this point was looking at my knowledge of technology, figuring out different ways that I can use my knowledge to help others, and then coming up with a potential list of projects that I can accomplish that relate to my list of credentials. The things that helped me the most in my brainstorming process were the videos that showed other students’ creativity in their projects and talked about why they chose these topics.


The challenges that I have encountered in my process is understanding that whatever I choose as my ILE project, I will have to be skilled enough to complete this project and understand that I have to see this project through to the very end of it.


I haven’t fully developed my driving question yet, but I am getting close to figuring out and forming my true motivation for my project. What I have so far for my driving question is: How can I create a program online to help high school students to stay more organized and less forgetful?


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